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Bird News Items is a weekly e-newsletter focused on the most interesting bird-related stories of the week. The “items” are a collection of well-written, well-researched articles to enjoy and to share with friends. 

Every week you can look forward to news stories, op-eds, scientific research reports and many more related to birds and their impact on the world. Bird News Items consists of 5 to 7 items per week, a bird photo of the week, and a bird video of the week. You can enjoy the newsletter as is, or click the underlined hyper-links within each item to read the full story.

Whenever possible, Bird News Items uses the exact language used in the news story, op-ed, scientific research report etc. Some items are edited for clarity and continuity. 

Bird News Items relies on roughly 25 websites for its source material. Some of those sites are pay-wall protected. With this in mind, each item is meant to provide the reader with the gist of the story at the least. Some items may have multiple sources with multiple hyper-links to provide a wider perspective. 

Bird News Items is edited and published by Alexander Ellis and Lisa Noschese. 

Hap Ellis, Executive Editor.

Lisa Noschese, Managing Editor.

John Ellis, Contributor.

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