Hi Bill - Apologies for late reply. We are happy to hear you like BNI - thank you! So...there is a huge effort underway to save/reclaim/protect tidal marsh lands along the southeastern coast of the US. So maybe there is some habitat loss or issues in your area? Basically, Snowy and Great Egrets, Little Blues, Tri-colored Herons, Glossy Ibis are of "Least concern" status, so the general population trends are stable. Great Blues have battled contaminants and habitat loss, but it too is listed as "low concern". Maybe with the birds building nests and mating this time of year, they are tied up for these weeks, only to surprise you with lots of juveniles. I will look for articles on the subject. All the best - Hap

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Always like our Saturday morning Bird News that come for free with our subscription to John E News Items.

We live on Hilton Head on a large tidal marsh and are noticing a significant decrease in marsh birds like egrets and ibises. Plenty of song birds in our trees but the marsh birds are way down. Any ideas about why this is?

Thanks Bill Byrne

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